The Travel Marketer’s Guide to Working With Influencers

Today, travelers get inspiration for and plan their trips based largely on what’s posted to social media - both from their peers and the influential creators they follow. Social influencers have become a key part of marketing strategies across industries. According to our influencer marketing report, 66% of all marketers have introduced an influencer marketing strategy to their organization. Why have so many adopted this form of marketing? The top reason, according to 80% of respondents, was to reach a new audience, and 70% specifically wanted to reach a niche audience - for example, travelers.

Why is it that travel and destination marketers specifically want to work with these creators? According to Travel Nevada’s Kaitlin Godbey, influencer content is key in inspiring travel decisions.

“Working with influencers has become pivotal to our marketing efforts,” Godbey said. “This content has immense sway with today’s travelers - influencing where they go next and what they purchase.”

Despite knowing these creators are important for marketing strategies, there are still lots of questions around this form of marketing: Who should I work with? On which platforms? How often? How much should I pay? Or should I just offer a free trip? How much control over the message should I retain? How do I know when this work is effective? How do I report back? In our Travel Marketer’s Guide to Working With Influencers, we answered those questions and included best practices and examples of great influencer marketing tactics.

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