The 10 Commandments of Instagram Marketing for Travel Brands

When it comes to social platforms, few are as beloved as Instagram. As of 2017, 700 million people are active on the platform. In Chute’s studies, we’ve found that it is the #1 social platform young travelers turn to for travel inspiration, and according to Eye for Travel 60% of travel marketers are already utilizing the platform. In this article, I’ll outline my top 10 dos and don’ts for the platform.

One: Do Optimize for Discovery

There are a variety of ways people discover content on the platform, but the top two are geolocation search and hashtag search. People will be able to discover this content through the search page in the Instagram app where your content will appear in real-time and (hopefully) also achieve a spot in the Top 9 section, which is based on engagement. Plus, hashtags are only becoming increasingly importing with the launch of Instagram’s feature that lets users follow not only people but hashtags! So if someone is planning a trip to New Zealand and decides to follow that hashtag, your content could also pop up in their actual feed.

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